When is the MN Primary Election?


When is the Presidential Election?


How many days early can you vote before a Primary or Election?


Your ballot will still count if it is received after Election Day?


Even in this pandemic, voters must go to the polls to vote?


You can vote in this Election even if you are not a registered voter in MN?


Who can be the witness that signs the witness section on the envelope?


How long does the county keep your ballots for their own records?


Can you vote anywhere in MN?


How many languages are voting information and instructions provided in?


Do you need to update/renew your absentee application if you move back to MN from out of state?


Do you have to fill out two absentee ballot applications for the Primary and the Presidential Elections?


Can absentee ballots be mailed to a P.O. Box?


You can register to vote and send in your registration application form along with your ballot in the mail?


If you show your ID (with name and signature), you can drop off ballots for how many other people?


How soon before the election day can you request to change your ballot if you send it in?



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